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WOB! are a Dublin based live electronica / DnB duo. For their deput EP release, a visual identity was algorithmically created from the sounds and movements of the music. In its primary incarnation, this was a motion graphics piece which was generated in real time by the musicians on stage. The still artwork used on the cd case, t-shirt and poster was derived from this piece and adapted for print.

Live Visuals – Created using Processing, run from an RPi and triggered live on stage using Arduino. See a sample here

CD Case – The aluminium case was screenprinted using white polygloss ink front and back. The CD itself is a custom lacquered blue, also with white polygloss ink.

Poster – The low budget poster was printed digitally in black on blue and yellow paper.

T-Shirt – White Plastisol ink on black Fruit of the Loom shirts.