tephens errk

I am a freelance graphic designer based in Dublin, Ireland.

I practice design in a range of disciplines namely print media, web design, visual identity and motion graphics. I am currently working freelance and also with distinctive repetition.

I have just finished studying Visual Communication at NCAD Ireland in 2015. My passions are design and music, and whenever possible I try to confuse them with each other.

Please get in touch by email if you have a project you would like to work on together: [email protected]

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Cinema4D, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Actionscript, Processing, PHP, Wordpress. I can use Microsoft Office, a french press and check my facebook all at the same time.

[email protected]

I built this site from scratch, with a little help from skrollr, processing and unsemantic.